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Bryan's latest novel: Man with a Gun

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A disgraced Marine sniper looks to start a new life and stumbles across America's greatest secret.

Dishonorably discharged Marine sniper, Web Weller has no job, and no family, but he does have a dream: to be published. While traveling west he discovers a small Minnesota town, made up of a disproportionately large number of veterans who take him in as one of their own. He forms a bond with one man in particular, Pa Concannon, who becomes a father figure to him. But Web begins uncovering hints and clues that suggest his new friend and mentor might just very well be John F. Kennedy's assassin. Now, Web must decide whether to betray Pa’s trust for a chance to finally realize his dream and write perhaps the greatest story of our generation.

Man with a Gun
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Bryan R. Johnston
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$1 will be donated to the Fallen Heroes Project — a foundation that provides a hand-drawn portrait by world renowned artist, Michael Reagan, to family members of servicemen and women who have died for their country.

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(5 stars)
There was no conspiracy but if there was it would have likely gone down a la "Man With A Gun" - i.e., 'merican style - instead of by some overheated, grandiose nonsense involving "Texas oil men" or "Badgeman" or "little green men." I am deeply set in my ways in believing that Mr. Oswald killed Kennedy without any confederate, and not much interested in anything but hard forensics about the assassination. But Bryan Johnston's ripping story won me over by drilling through all the cliches and cant about the Kennedy assassination to get at a central truth about poltical assassination: it is usually personal rather than plural. It was personal for Oswald, who loathed Kennedy for his aggression against the Cuban revolution. And it's personal in "Man With A Gun," albeit with a twist (a big twist) that riffs off the title and delights the reader with surprise. "Man With A Gun" is a page-turner read-in-a-weekend thriller that takes you into an America you wish you knew well; a world that somehow combines neighborliness, salty humor and dead-eyed watchfulness into a place where a troubled soul can find its footing. And one that steadfastly hides its truth from all but the honest few. I can't recommend this book highly enough!

(4 stars)
"Man With A Gun" is a tale with some really fun characters and a plot that provides a twist on the "who killed Kennedy" controversy. This book was an entertaining read. I sat down to start it, thinking I'd put it down after a couple of chapters to run errands...several hours later, I found myself turning the final pages. The main character, troubled former Marine Web Weller, takes us to a small town with mysteries and a collection of people that I really enjoyed spending time with. He looks into some puzzling sides of the townspeople, and part of the way into the book, starts on the trail of a possible explanation for the Kennedy assassination (no spoilers here). The author includes interesting facts and trivia about the military and other parts of history, which was an added plus for the book. Written with obvious respect for those who have served in our Armed Forces, the book and its author does them proud.
The book serves its purpose well...a fun tale, a chance to meet quirky and intriguing people, and a great diversion. My one wish...I want to visit with Web Weller some more, so I'm hoping for more.

(5 stars)
Man with a Gun is not what I expected....It is a human book...a book which pulls you in with the comfort and charm of a small town coffee shop and homemade berry pie. Bryan does an amazing job of making the characters, deep and interesting in the quiet ways we really get to know people; rather than the laundry list of adjectives or the action packed carnage methods so many books and movies use today. I appreciate that. The sniper accuracy of both military trivia and marksmanship are dead on, and keep the quiet town the most interesting place you could be at that moment. I was surprised at how quickly the action rose and the ending came,but closed the book with a deep satisfaction. Like the subtle way good liquor makes you melt without notice, Bryan draws action, murder, and one of the biggest assassinations in history into view without rippling the story out of focus. The ending remains calm yet filled with the tension and excitement of the best action film. Bryan knew when to end. Like learning about my family history through grandmothers subtle stories, Bryan's strength in sharing this "town of Heroes" means there is no need to explain the ending further.
Not having any military background, and growing up in suburbia, I wondered at how much I would relate or enjoy the book. I could not have been more wrong; anyone can enjoy the humor, respect, intrigue and suspense of Man with a Gun.

(4 stars)
Johnston does a fantastic job of weaving his own "who-dunnit" plot that makes the reader want to keep delving into the book. His careful development of colorful characters involves the reader on a personal level, and his description of the various settings helps the reader to envision the scenes unfolding in front of the eyes. Very enjoyable read!

(4 stars)
This is an enjoyable, compelling read with an interesting plot twist that should amuse pro-conspiracy enthusiasts. Even the anti-conspiracy group should find Man with a Gun entertaining. With all the hype over the upcoming 50th anniversary of the Kennedy assassination it supplies an interesting diversion from actual events. Hopefully Mr. Johnson can turn the main character, troubled Marine sniper and erstwhile author Web Weller, into someone searching for new story lines so more books will come our way.

(5 stars)
Man with a Gun is a clever and creatively composed JFK conspiracy thriller. I really enjoyed the factual bits woven throughout the book that the author properly researched, from historical characters to snipers and weapons. Its a fast read with just the right amount of action and intrigue to keep the pages turning. One could argue that there was too much detail put into some scenes, it reads a bit like a screenplay at times, but I think that added positively to the book's dimension overall. It's colorful and often witty characters set the stage for some unexpected twists right to the end. Part history lesson part JFK conspiracy theory, whether you are into either or not, you will enjoy Man with a Gun!

(4 stars)
"A Man With a Gun" was an easy read but a fun way to spend a weekend. I found myself engrossed with the characters and it was hard to put the book down. There were enough plot twists to keep you guessing what was going to happen next and just when you think you've figured it out, the author surprises you.